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"The man on top of the mountain didn't fall there"
​                                                                             ~ Vince lombardi

Field of Dreams 2020 Goal – $10,000   


DNA Scholarship 2020 Goal – $10,000


Our organization is built upon a foundation of current and former athletes who directly know the importance of sport; whose hardship, loss, and adversity seen in their childhood was steered  to ingrain their DNA a desire, craving, and ability to push their bodies to the limits in pursuit of their dreams on and off the field.

Funding to DNA Sports Foundation will be used to provide opportunities in sport and education:

Field of Dreams - In the Field of Dreams project we aim to fix local/wore down parks to enable neighborhood kids to stay active and try various sports.  

Homegrown Heroes Camp Series - Our Homegrown Heroes Camps provide young athletes the opportunities to learn from many local college and professional athletes who once played on the same fields as the kids attending the camp.   

DNA Sports League - The DNA Sports Leagues give an education and development opportunity for both coaches and players.  The coaches will be taught development principles by former collegiate and professional athletes and these principles will be overseen in the league practices.

DNA College Scholarship - Each year will will be looking for 2 current or former athletes who are great examples of the DNA mission and vision.  These scholarships will be applied towards college tuition and ultimately to help accomplish ones dream. 

We are continually looking for those wanting to help with our projects as well as help fund our projects.  We value a strong community with the same core values and principles that has shaped us to who we are today.  We always tell our athletes "it takes a whole village raise a champion."

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