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Tim Naiman  – President – Former collegiate athlete and current sports performance trainer.

Nicole Fox – President of Selection Committee –Former athlete and current owner of Synapse Physical Therapy.

Dr. Ryan Parsons – Vice President of Selection Committee – Former Rugby Player and current Pediatric Doctor

Mike Driscoll – Vice President of DNA Sports Foundation – Former athlete, current hockey coach and heavily involved in local non-profits.


Mission + Vision

It’s takes a whole village to raise and develop an athlete.  What our kids can accomplish when we come together with purpose will leave a lasting legacy.

Five years ago DNA was just a thought and hazy dream while behind a bench in a chemistry lab.  Today we account for over 2000 athletes having been coached, mentored, and supported throughout the journey of accomplishing their dreams.  

We are honored to have the opportunity to provide services that have helped pave the way for multiple athletes who have gone on to win 3 World Series Titles, a Super Bowl Championship, several D1 All-American and Conference Awards, dozens of high school all-state and all-conference awards, and most importantly hundreds of kids going to and graduating from college.

Thanks for the support that has made this all possible!"

Tim Naiman

Our Board of Directors

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